Need Of Vehicle Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover is good for anyone who owns and drives a vehicle on a regular basis. However, if there is anything worse than your car breaking down a few kilometres from home, it’s finding yourself on the side of the road whilst you’re travelling. When your car suffers a flat tire or the engine stalls and you are on vacation or a work trip you may not know who to call. Breakdown cover affords you a resource for anything from a fluid top up to a full tow to a nearby maintenance garage. Here are some of the reasons breakdown coverage is essential for frequent travelers.

-Vehicle Recovery

When you first call your insurer to use your breakdown cover, a technician will attempt to fix your car where it is. If a battery charge, fluid top up, or other relatively easy fix you may be able to drive away within an hour. If the issue can’t be remedied on site, you will need to have the car moved to your home or a garage. Since you won’t be near your home while you’re traveling, your car will need to be taken to a mechanic in the area. Vehicle recovery insurance is standard in most breakdown cover policies and will pay for the costs associated with towing your car to the nearest available garage.

-Onward Travel

Perhaps the most important part of breakdown cover for frequent travelers is the “onward travel” portion of the insurance. In short, this part of your cover will help you in the event that your car must be in the repair garage for a few days. When a part need to be ordered or the repairs are just extensive, you may find yourself stranded for up to three days. Onward travel can pay for your hotel costs, a car for hire, or public transportation. It may offer a maximum amount per person in your party, so be aware of the maximum payout.

-Safe Navigation

When you’re not in your hometown, it’s not easy to know where to go in the event of a car emergency. Having breakdown cover means that someone else will handle the details of how to get to the nearest garage, and even how to get you safely to a hotel. You can’t always safely navigate around an unfamiliar city, especially if you’re an inexperienced driver. Breakdown cover gives you immediate access to either a representative from your insurer who is familiar with the area, or a local affiliate with equal knowledge about how to navigate the city and get you to the nearest car hire and hotel.

-One Number to Dial

As a traveler, you may not have the direct number of anyone in your current city who can help you when you’re stranded on the side of the road. As long as you are within the UK, breakdown cover ensures that you will have one number to dial for emergency assistance whether you are two or two hundred kilometres from home. Keep your breakdown cover card in your wallet or car at all times. You should also save it in your mobile phone. Depending on your specific breakdown cover, your vehicle may be covered or you might be covered as a person. When you’re covered as a person, you can dial for help regardless of the car you’re in. This means that if you have a car for hire while you’re away from home you can still rely on your breakdown cover to get you safely to a garage or hotel any time of day.

Breakdown cover is beneficial to most drivers, but it’s especially vital for those drivers who often find themselves far from home and in the car. Getting stuck on the side of the road after dark won’t be such a scary experience when you have someone to dial for assistance. You might be able to add breakdown cover to your current auto insurance plan, making the cover easy to get and relatively inexpensive. Many breakdown cover plans offer you protection for less than 20 pounds per year. Remember that this coverage won’t pay for repairs that result from an accident — only the costs associated with getting you and your car to safety.